There are different types of flooring available these days but one of the most popular choices is hardwood floors, and it’s for a good reason. Many families and homeowners prefer this type of flooring installed because it is safe, clean, and requires less maintenance, among many other reasons.  

The advantages of installing hardwood flooring simply pile up, especially if you compare it with all other options. The lifespan of hardwood floors is long and that offsets whatever amount you invest in its installation. Here are the other benefits of installing this type of flooring: 

1. Safe and clean 

When it comes to sanitary, hardwood floors fairs very well. If you compare it with carpets that accumulate germs, dust, and debris in the long run, hardwood floors don’t. There is simply no place for debris in hardwood floors, which means you’ll have a healthier and safer environment for the kids and the rest of the family members. None would suffer from allergies.  

2. Low maintenance 

During installation, you’ll most likely pay more for hardwood floors than carpets. But when you think about maintenance, the difference lies. You don’t need to call up hardwood floor cleaners as often as you would call carpet cleaners. Hardwood floors come with a sealed surface and a protective layer. That’s why they need very low maintenance.  

3. Easily repaired 

Repairing hardwood floors is also easily done. If the surface gets damaged, like if there are noticeable scratches, scrapes, or scuffs, then all you need to do is to refinish it. If any part is dented or damaged, you simply have to replace that particular plank. No need to tear everything up. Even so, don’t that is rarely done. Whatever repair work needed can usually be done from the surface. You can even ask the Naperville hardwood floor refinishing experts about that.  

4. Sustainable 

Hardwood floors are also environmental as wood is considered as a renewable material. Wood is quite abundant in the US and other areas so the material is readily available. As a matter of fact, studies show that the yearly growth of trees is higher than the removal rate. Maybe now is the best time to switch to wood products. Additionally, wooden floors require less energy and water to produce. Furthermore, they are easily recyclable at their end of life.  

Carpets, on the other hand, use synthetic materials. Then they are treated with chemicals. When it comes to longevity, hardwood floors also win. Aside from the value and beauty they provide homes, hardwood floors need not be replaced every 10 years as carpets do.  

5. Aesthetic quality  

Hardwood floors look unique and attractive, which is why many are using them in their homes. When it comes to style, hardwood floors always look modern. It has been used decades ago but they simply don’t look outdated. Maybe it’s because there are a lot of designs, grain patterns, types, colors, and consistencies to choose from. 

If you install hardwood floors, you’re actually increasing the value of your home. Many home buyers think twice when buying a house with carpets as chances are, they’ll have to change it. But many people claim that they bought a particular house because it has a pretty hardwood floor finish.